Free DDNS Solutions for all your needs.

Our free service will give you unlimited Dynamic DNS Hostnames with no timeouts, no forced advertising or redirects. You don't even need to check in with us to keep the service running!

And if your IP changes we've got you covered!

Using our update clients you don't have to worry about your IP changing. The software automatically detects when your IP address changes and informs our servers which instantly update the DNS record to show your new one. If you use Linux, we've even got an API you can use with open source DDNS clients such as ddclient or you could set up a cron job to use curl to inform our update page of your address change.


Why use Now-DNS?

There's a lot of good reasons to choose Now-DNS to be your provider of Dynamic DNS, such as:

  • Reliable 24/7 DNS updated within 1 minute of your IP changing.
  • Easily access remote devices such as security cameras or file storage servers.
  • IPv6 and IPv4 support.
  • Free Dynamic or Static DNS with as many hostnames as you like!
  • Hostnames NEVER expire unless you delete them yourself.
  • Easy setup and management console.
  • Super lightweight client to automatically update your DNS when your IP changes.
  • API access to use existing tools such as ddclient.
  • No forced advertising on your sites and no redirects and there never will be.

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Disposable Temporary Email

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DNS Lookup over HTTP

This simple API allows you to perform DNS lookups over HTTP

Example query:

Returns a JSON formated result.

Check here to see if your preferred hostname is available:

Check Availability